We are excited you are here!  We can’t wait to start this journey in August.  This will be a trip filled with adventure, father/son bonding, and hopefully a lot of helping, sharing, and giving.  We hope you can follow along as we take this trip and share our stories on this blog!

If you know people or organizations near to where we are, please don’t hesitate to send us a message or comment regarding how we can participate!  We also want to meet new people, contact us if we are in your area!


In this blog you will find all items, information and updates related to JaG T.O.U.R U.S.A.  This page is separate from our Main Page and has a lot of the same information, but as the trip continues, the Main Page will be removed and this will be our main form of contact.

The trip commences in August and we will be updating this page on a regular basis during our trip.  We will also be updating it as we make progress with our planning!

Please visit our links above.  Especially the ‘About Us’ and if you personally know us, please write a comment and let other people know who we are.

Let the countdown begin!