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Day 24 – Crossing 5 States within 10 Hours

Monday, August 30, 2010

* We passed 5,000 miles today!

** Today we rode in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

We left camp around 7am (a new record) and enjoyed every second of the morning hours.  The sun shining, cool breeze, and passing through the beautiful greenery could not be more pleasant.  Periodically we would see a short span of orange, red, and yellow trees and it gave us a brief preview of how amazingly beautiful this part of the country can be in the Fall.  Truly breathtaking.
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The Columbian Newspaper

We forgot to mention…  About a week ago we had a small article about us in our local newspaper, the Columbian.  It’s just a little guy, but cool nonetheless!

Check it out if you’d like:

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Day 23 – Acadia National Park

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Greg was happy this morning.  He actually managed to wake up early, shower, fix his bike, wash his bike, pack up his stuff… all before Jerry woke up.  He has been enjoying bringing this to his attention and rubbing it in every chance he gets.  Jerry has done this once to Greg, and I guess this is like payback in a weird father/son way.  This is how our morning conversation sounded:
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Day 22 – Harley Delays, Lobster, Traffic and the Devil’s Gate

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Starting our day off amazingly with a delicious breakfast sandwich we hit the road and made our first stop 15 minutes later at a Harley Davidson shop to get a quick fix on Jerry’s bike (which included a NEW rear shifter that he lost, an oil change, and new air horn that broke in the rain).  This quick fix turned into 4.5 hours and cut our day in half.  Fortunately, the shop was having a big event and had a BBQ, live band, bike washes, and a photo shoot going on.  So we at least were entertained while we were there.

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Host Brandon

Well, since we didn’t idolize Brandon in our daily posts, we thought it was about time we did.  We don’t just say people are awesome because they are nice to us for helping, we just happen to be spending time with awesome people.

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Day 21 – Lady Liberty, Long Bus Rides, and Taco Night!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

We woke up after a short but deep slumber.  We deprived Jennie of sleep as well, and went out for delicious bagels and coffee at Brooklyn Bagels.  A great way to start the day.  We hitched a ride on the subway and headed straight to our main destination for the day:  the Liberty Enlightening the World, nowadays we call her the Statue of Liberty.

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Day 20 – New York City

Friday, August 26, 2010

*Long day… Long Post.

We woke up, geared up, packed up, cleaned up… and left. All before the wee hours of 6am. Finding our bus easily and with time to spare, Greg was sent on a very important mission… Operation: Caffeine Fix. Ten minutes later, Starbucks was located and mission accomplished. Soon, the bus engines growled to life and four hours later, we were arriving in New York.

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Day 19 – Fenway Park

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Today’s highlights include: Fenway Park, the Green Giant (also known as the ‘Green Monster’ by everyone but Greg), and catching up with old friends.

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Day 18 – Striking out in Boston

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Our day trip to Boston was not fully as we expected… but then again, this trip has all been unexpected… so the unexpected is, well… expected.

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10 Good Reasons to Ride Your Bike in the Rain

Since we have been driving through a lot of wet weather, we decided to put a compilation of reasons FOR riding in wet weather.  Here are a few:
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