Since we have been driving through a lot of wet weather, we decided to put a compilation of reasons FOR riding in wet weather.  Here are a few:

1.  A free bike wash AND shower.

2. Don’t have to worry about sunburn.

3. Less likely to get a speeding ticket.  Cops don’t like to get wet, and when they see you soaking wet… they just feel sorry for you.

4.  The bug kill-count is low.

5.  The wonderful feeling of getting warm and dry after the ride.  Ahhh….

6.  Your bike has no chance of bursting into an open flame.

7.  Constant hydration system.  Lift visor, open mouth.

8.  You make GREAT time because you don’t stop for anything –  “I have to pee”… “Do you have to pee enough?”… “Nope!  Let’s keep going!”

9.  It feels like you’re on a wave runner.

10.  You finally get to use ALL the gear you brought.