What a great start to our trip!  Starting with a morning drizzle to wake us up, then blue sky peaking through after an hour, and then shining bright for the rest of the day.  We traveled south down I-5 until we hit Highway 22.  We decided to take the scenic route instead of staying on a main highway like 84.  It was beautiful and we were handsomely rewarded for our decision.

Day 1!

And we are off!

After filling up for gas we decided to pick a random spot to sit by a river and make ourselves lunch (we had plenty of food because we are well prepared… thanks Mom).  It was perfect.

We put a few more hours on through beautiful scenery like this:

Riding through Oregon

Not sure how safe this is...

We stopped in Sisters, OR for a milkshake and rest then decided to put on another few hours before calling it a day.  We made it to Burns, Oregon and found an RV park to set up camp and are now finishing up our day and ready for bed!

Check out our set-up… nice huh?:

Day 1 - Camp

Our first Camp. Not very secluded, but hey, what can you do.

Until next time!  Goodnight!