Wednesday, August 18, 2010

According to the ‘older’ people in the house, when a Harley drives by, it says ‘potato potato potato’ in low growl. Go ahead and try it, it’s fun.

And since we were in the saddle for about seven hours today I thought the title was appropriate.

Leaving the safety and comforts from the home of our new friends was difficult but we managed it. Upon leaving Valparaiso, all the people were out on their lawns waving goodbye to us and we felt like celebrities. Although we did quickly notice that they weren’t carrying banners or chanting our names, and it turned out they just happened to be on their front lawns chit-chatting with neighbors, and I guess they wave at everyone going by like this. It’s that type of neighborhood. Great people.

We were in high spirits and only had one downer. More bike problems.  While driving down the highway (doing the speed limit of course) Greg heard a tink-ta-ting-ting… he quickly surveyed the situation but already knew the verdict before he saw it… He lost his left footpeg.  He knew the verdict before he saw it because this has happened before, and fortunately, all we had to do was pull over and put on the spare that we already had.  Now, we have to check the tightness every time we fill up (lots of vibration on his bike, it’s a pleasant all day massage).

As we passed through Ohio we gave our buddy Dorian a call and decided to meet up with him in Lancaster.  It worked out perfectly.  Chatted, went shopping, ate pasta (an interesting dish they concocted consisting of pasta and cottage cheese), and they even let us crash in their folk’s big barn!  Here is our setup:

Our comfortable residence for the night!

Our comfortable residence for the night!

It was very comfortable and saved us time from having to setup the tent and take it down!  Thanks for letting us stay!

Tomorrow we are onward to Niagara Falls about 400 miles away!  (This isn’t much of an ‘adventure day’ according to Dorian but we put his thoughts to rest as we saw him drive off in a shirt and tie heading to work.  How was your day Dorian? :))  We love you.

And to close, here is a picture of Dorian eating pasta:

Our Host

Our Host - And yes Dorian, the pasta was surprisingly delicious.