We woke up and considered driving to Providence, RI and finding a mechanic there, but instead, we were able to find a mechanic nearby and dropped the bike off so they can reassure us that the electrical system is okay. ย We must have done a good job because she got a clean bill of health and a nice oil change to make her feel better. ย This gave us a little more confidence putting a few hours today on the road.

Suiting up for the weather.

Suiting up for the weather.

The first 30 minutes was a great ride but the next 3 hours was rain rain rain. ย We had to pull off the road to gear up and stay warm. ย There wasn’t much to look at on the road, and trying to distract myself, I came up with a little rap (so rap it in your mind… like a thug), and it was something like this:

Drivin’ in the rain,
feelin’ no pain,
what are trips,
without a few drips,

Riding through a storm,
is becoming the norm.
We be grinnin’, our wheels still spinnin’,
we be yelling, ‘this is winnin”

Take no pity, we’re in a good city,
We are wet, we are tired,
feelin’ good, and still inspired.

We open our eyes,
and only surmise,
that tomorrow will lead,
to the grande prize.

We be landin’,
at the house of Brandon,
We got no bumps, we go no dents,
as we drive safe in Providence.

Life is a ride,
so pick your side,
boot up, suit up,
gas up, and man up.

Life is a journey,
stay off that gurney,
Live it right,
and have a goodnight.


Well, I never said I was an poet…. just a man with some time on his mind.

We arrived at Brandon’s and he had all the arrangements taken care of. A place to park, a bed to sleep, food in the frig, and a cold beverage to drink. In short, he hooked us up. At the moment, he is cooking us home-made pizza as we laze around. It’s cold and raining outside and it’s nice to be in a warm place.

Our Chef

Our Chef

Thanks Brandon!