Friday, August 27th, 2010

We woke up after a short but deep slumber.  We deprived Jennie of sleep as well, and went out for delicious bagels and coffee at Brooklyn Bagels.  A great way to start the day.  We hitched a ride on the subway and headed straight to our main destination for the day:  the Liberty Enlightening the World, nowadays we call her the Statue of Liberty.

She's a beauty.

She's a beauty.

We arrived around 9am to buy the tickets and the lines were surprising short… for the tickets that is.  We found the line for the ferries, and it was nothing compared to the first day, but wow, looking at the line you’d think there was a full buffet aboard.  It didn’t take as long as we thought, probably 40 minutes, and it was all going fine until we realized we had a problem.  We were armed.

Well, Greg was carrying was carrying his favorite knife that was a gift to him, and Jerry was carrying a mini leatherman.  They ushered us into a tent with airport-like security and we asked them about the knife.  “That ain’t gettin’ through”, the man says.

We think quickly and everyone took turns suggesting they stay behind to hold our weapons of mass destruction, but we couldn’t have that.  Greg had to push through the line to exit, and ask people to stash it.  The security lady said she couldn’t hold it, so he hopped through the gate and ran to the nearest vender and said not more than handful of words… “Uh… you (he points to the guy)… hold this? Yes? 5 bucks?”.  The man pointed to a box without speaking and I quickly threw it in with a bunch of cans and booked it back to the entrance.  I wasn’t sure if he understood what I was implying, but time was running short and we had a boat to catch!

Looking at our watches as we pull up to Liberty Island, we noted that we only had 45 minutes until we needed to board the ship back.  Upon debarking we walked past a multitude of people… hundreds of people deep.  Knowing that we needed to catch at least the second ferry we knew we wouldn’t catch our bus departure if we didn’t get that next ferry.  Once again, we all take turns trying to sacrifice ourselves so the others could walk around the statue as one waits in line.  Jerry’s final comment, “You’re the photographer, you go.”

He attacked Greg’s weakness, and succeeded.  Greg looked him in the eye one last time, sighed, and said ‘You’re right… see ya!’

Anyone else think this looks fake?!

Anyone else think this looks fake?!

Jennie and Greg sped-walked around the statue taking a picture every few steps and continuing on.  We tried to be polite to the other aspiring photographers and those feigning to hold a torch, but after awhile, we just booked it through each one.  If there were races for fastest Liberty Island visits, we would have won the gold medal.  We arrived back at the line to a solemn Jerry, whose only recourse is that he made his son happy.

We enjoyed the rest of the ride on this most amazingly beautiful day (we were so happy we waited a day for the weather to pass), we stopped at Ellis Island (where our last name was changed from Jung to Yung), and finished back on mainland.  And guess what… I got my knife back!  It was a great finish for our short visit, and vowed to return again someday with more time.

We had just enough time to spare to arrive at Penn Station and get in line for our bus.  The 3.5 hour bus ride turned into 5 because of traffic and we arrived back to Brandon’s home at the most PERFECT time… for Taco Night!

[Picture of Mexican night is suppose to be here… but I can’t find it! So here is an interesting photo of Brandon]:

An absolutely amazing meal to arrive back to and stuff our faces until we couldn’t speak anything but Spanish.  No más por favor!  We’ll give more details in the next post!

After, we had a full tour of the city by our personal tour guide Brandon… you’ll also hear about this in the next post.

We played a few games of cribbage, watched Arrested Development, and called it a night.  We were so tired after two longs day with little sleep, Greg literally heard Jerry start snoring 30 seconds after he said goodnight.

We’ll miss our safe haven in the house of Brandon but tomorrow we must depart.  Onward to Maine for some steak and lobster!