Saturday, August 28, 2010

Starting our day off amazingly with a delicious breakfast sandwich we hit the road and made our first stop 15 minutes later at a Harley Davidson shop to get a quick fix on Jerry’s bike (which included a NEW rear shifter that he lost, an oil change, and new air horn that broke in the rain).  This quick fix turned into 4.5 hours and cut our day in half.  Fortunately, the shop was having a big event and had a BBQ, live band, bike washes, and a photo shoot going on.  So we at least were entertained while we were there.

We finally hit the road and made good time after we got lost trying to get back onto a highway.  Then when the toll roads came along, we decided to take a scenic route and enjoy the slowest highway in the U.S.  I don’t recommend anyone taking a coastline route up the east coast on a Saturday afternoon in amazing beach weather.  We drove about 20mph for a few hours.

The day quickly made a change for the better when we fulfilled Jerry’s one and primary wish for this trip.  Enjoy a steak and lobster dinner in Maine.

The traffic was terrible and wanted to wait some of it out, so we decided to pull into the first place that served a full lobster dinner.  We found a place called ‘The Steakhouse’:

Steak and Lobster here we come!

Steak and Lobster here we come!

This was Greg’s first experience with lobster and his father was greatly hoping he would hate it… knowing he would get the leftovers.  Boy was he wrong.  The combination of mouth watering steak as the pepper and spices burst onto your tongue can only be more mesmerizing as you turn to the next delight… seasoned lobster (already unshelled) and dipped in a light butter.  Wow.  With just the right portion sizes we felt pleasantly plump for the remainder of the evening.  “I never knew good food could actually make you feel happier”, Greg commented.  Jerry just nodded with his all-knowing smile.

Fresh Lobster - Lydia, this picture is for you.

Fresh Lobster - Lydia, this picture is for you.

Completely.  Utterly.  Satisfied.

Completely. Utterly. Satisfied.

Since we had to wait 30 minutes to be seated and the dinner took some time, it was about to get dark.  We found a campsite about 20 miles south of Portland, Maine.  Perfect.  They even had a gate to protect us from the bad people who have cars and can’t pass something like this:

The Devil's Gate - He tempted me, then attacked.

The Devil's Gate

We tell the guy we can just drive around it to pass, but he says ‘No problem, I’ll just operate it from here.’  He forgot to mention a few things, as you’ll soon see.

What took place is something you may see on a Comedy Central show or stupid Hollywood flick.  As my dad puts it, ‘You can’t make this stuff up!’…

We hop on our hogs and see that the gate has been sticking straight up the entire time and we are good to go.  Jerry passes first through the gate, and Greg is trailing about 15 feet behind.  As soon as he is within 4 feet of the gate, the gate suddenly decides to make this guy look like a romping idiot, and faster than the speed of thought, it slams down… landing between the windshield and the poor idiot.  It may have looked like the last few seconds on this clip… but imagine it being the gate:

The best part is… a 70 year old lady saw the whole thing and came running over.  ‘Is he okay?!?  Is he hurt?!? Oh my dear!  Is anything broken??’  She continued on for a little while.

Then a dude runs over, and of course, the first thing HE asks is, ‘Is the bike okay?!’.

Fortunately, the bike only had a few kinks in the footpegs (my poor footpegs) but the body looked fine.  And yes, Greg is okay too.  Body is intact, but he left his ego in Washington.  As it turns out, the gate is weight sensitive and will continue to stay upright until someone passes through.  So… thank YOU frontdesk guy for forgetting to mention that small piece of information.

Later on, we were not sure if the campsite was full of nitrous oxide, but Jerry got into a laughing fit he couldn’t control.  I suppose the imagery of his son getting close-lined by an entry gate is just too much to bear.  Following this, we had several more laughing fits that seemed to build off of the original and we almost peed ourselves laughing as the stars shown above and we fell asleep with tears still in our eyes.

Tomorrow is the completion of our ‘Portland to Portland’ run and we continue on to the Acadia National Park!