We had a very cleansing day today. We washed our bikes, we showered… all the while going 75mph down the Scenic Route around Idaho Forest Reserve going East on Highway 20 and Highway 33. This was NOT a day where we needed to worry about heatstroke, sunscreen, or overheating engines. Fortunately, we used our cloud interpretation skills to foresee rain and storms and were ready for it. Let’s go through the day.

Beware!  Dangerous Dog.

Beware! Dangerous Dog.

Waking up at about 6am, we started to pack up when we were ravenously attacked by two dogs and had to fend them off with a stick, but he kept bringing it back. We continued to pack during this barrage and were on our two wheels by 8am. The morning was perfect with mild temperatures with a few dark clouds in the sky. It was a beautiful sight watching the heat of the sun pierce through the clouds and destroy them from the top down. This only lasted so long before the dark clouds started forming on the left, forming on the right, and we watched the downpour closing in on us.

Before this occurred, we took a 7-mile Scenic Route around the Crater of the Moon National Monument and it was quite cool.

Crater of the Moon, ID

Crater of the Moon, ID

We never knew deadlands could look so… well, cool! Greg saw a big peak and decided he would go moonwalk to the top, but it wasn’t as easy as they say and he was quite out of breath by the time he got there.

Moonwalking to the top

Moonwalking to the top

All Wet in Idaho

A little wet but what can you do?

Moving on, we decided to suit up for rain… JUST IN CASE! Good thing too because 5 minutes later the sprinkles started. Next thing we knew we were driving through marble-sized water drops for the next 40 miles… Jerry learned a lesson on driving on white paint around a corner… Mr. Smarty-Pants learned his lesson, and Greg learned the lesson from watching him. After the shortcut through Highway 33 the rain stopped and we could see beautiful weather before us, and scary dark weather behind us. We knew that it was only a matter of time before it caught up to us again.

We stopped for gas and a delicious lunch consisting of PB&J sandwiches as well as a Turkey and Cream Cheese sandwich. Yes, we are going all out on this trip. We made it to our campsite in great time… 30 minutes before a huge t-storm hit. We finished setting up camp just 2 minutes AFTER it started. We packed everything into the tent and road it out, continuing to throw all our towels in the corners of the tent regularly cleaning up puddles and ringing out the towels. Two games of cribbage, 3 PB&J sandwiches (again), 2 beers, and about 2 hours later, the storm stops and the heavens above shine through on our tent. We feel an odd sensation that we survived the 2012 Armaggeddon and jump from our tents and skip with joy. And to think, only moments before we were thinking of taking everything important and sleeping in the bathroom nearby. We have more in store for us, but for now we are safe and sound, and almost dry.

The clouds before the storm.

The clouds before the storm

Until tomorrow! Adios!

Conditions Update:
Holes in tarp and tent
Broken speedometer on Greg’s bike
Broken pair of sunglasses
Torn/melted rain gear (on both of ours)
– Ditched table due to ripping our tarp
Leaking air mattresses
Bad habit of leaving bike light on
Soaking wet towels
Positive attitudes and lots of laughs
Low on PB&J (What do we do for breakfast?)