Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Waking up sweating in our sleeping bags, we rolled out of bed before 7am. Feeling like zombies from the night before we quickly drink down 3 cups of coffee before starting our day.  Taking our time, we get ready and head into town on our bikes.

Feeling like everyone else, and that our hog is the best of the bunch, we park near the main strip to show off our machinery.  Unfortunately, we walk into the city and see the line of bikes, and realize that our bikes in fact, are not the cream of the crop:

Sturgis Main Drag - One of Many streets that look like this.

Sturgis Main Drag - One of Many streets that look like this.

Don’t get me wrong, our bikes are pretty sweet 😉  But when you see price tags for over $50,000 it kind of puts you to shame.  Even the guys from Westcoast Choppers were there.  We even found the true definition of biker bit** (pardon the language, but look below):

All types of bikers...

All types of bikers... and riders.

There were shops galore for merchandise, parts, and even tattoos.  You could hear the buzz of the tattoo guns running all day.  Once you’ve seen a few clothing shops, you’ve seen ’em all and who knew men could do so some much shopping… we spent a few hours looking for shirts, sunglasses, and something for that special someone.

After walking around for a few hours shopping, eating, and playing on the nice toys, we decide to go for a ride.  Sturgis has some great riding to be had, and we decided to knock out Mt. Rushmore.  The ride was beautiful and hot, and passing through the small villages reminds you of the Old West but instead of the purest stallions tide to hitching posts, you see parking lots lined with hogs with men that can spend the most.

Arriving at the Mt. Rushmore gate we had our first mishap.  While Greg was waiting to pay at the gate, he put the kickstand out and it landed right into a rain gutter in the center of the lane… and down went the bike in slow motion as no one came to help.  “Umm… DAD?!” he shouts.  To the rescue he came, cape and all, and lifted the bike with one great motion and super strength.  Unfortunately, the damage was done with a bent foot beg.  (Don’t worry, Jerry used his biceps to bend it back into place)

Salvaging the situation, we shrugged it off and enjoyed our time at this famous landmark:

The Presidents smiling at us.

The Presidents smiling at us.

Riding back to camp we relaxed for the rest of the day and prepared for our departure the next morning.  But unfortunately, not all stories ended this happily.

* Our neighbor in the campsite did not have a happy ending.  While on a ride, his buddy ran into him and went flying.  Wrecked his bike and has severe head trauma and may not survive.  Please send your prayers or healing thoughts their way as we did ours.  We may not know the results but hope for the best.