Saturday, August 14th, 2010

What a long day we had. Long hours on the bike, bad drivers trying to kill us (Well, Greg anyways), boy scouts, delays, full hotels, theme parks and speed racing for a spontaneous movie showtime.

…discussing our daily venture for the day, we estimated that we had another 13 hours before arriving in Chicago. Not having many destinations along the way, our plan for the day was: JUST DRIVE. Put in as many miles as possible and have an easy second day. Good plan right?

Just ridin!

Just ridin!

After about 3 hours of driving, we even had a chance to support a good cause by eating hot dogs from boy scout vendors (operated by their mothers as the kids played in sand… mothers are great aren’t they?)… as you can see, we are dedicated to our mission! Another 3 or 4 hours later we stopped for coffee and Internet at Starbucks to give our bodies a break, caffeinate (a new verb) ourselves, and to update you guys on the past day! Shortly after arriving, Jerry had a great idea… “Well, it looks like bad weather is approaching so why don’t we drive for as long as we can and we’ll splurge for a motel? Heck, if we can find a movie theater on the way, we can even do that!”

Greg quickly scavenged through Google and sure enough found a theater 90 miles away in a small town of 2,000 people with a showtime starting at 7:30! It was 6:10… Perfect! Let’s go!

Scurrying quickly we make it to the small town of Wisconsin Dell with 15 minutes to spare… we’re gonna make it! We take the exit and… *screeeeech*. We came to a solid halt as soon as we took the exit. We see a waterpark on the right, a waterpark on the left, a roller-coaster in the distance… and red lights braking as far as our eyes could see… WHAT is this place!?!  We took a turn down a main stretch… then we started to see rollercoasters, haunted houses, upside-down houses, hotels and motels, resorts, spas… no really guys, WHAT is this place?!?  We felt as if we passed through a portal into kiddy heaven.

You know the feeling when you try to take a drink of soda from a cup but then it turns out to be water and your eyes bulge, clamp your mouth shut and swallow everything in one gulp?  That is how we felt and it was hard to swallow the shock of this disney-world-like reality when we expected dirt roads, tractors, and a tiny theater.  It turns out we showed up at the Waterpark capital of the world!  Here is us enjoying (and partly frustrated from missing the movie) our surprising situation:

Destroyed White House - We were too late...

Destroyed White House - We were too late...

Next, we decided that if we can find a motel nearby then we’ll hit up the 10:15pm showtime.  We called over 10 places with No Vacancies.  It turns out that we are the only people that haven’t heard of Wisconsin Dells.  (I’m skipping over about 1.5 hours of trying to find a place with internet and buying food in McDonalds to use their internet and having it not work).  Then we called places 10 miles away, then 15 miles away, then 30, then 45, then 55!  The 2nd place we called that was 55 miles away, we had success!

We knew we had an hour drive ahead of us so we decided to get on our way.  Then the old man says, ‘No.  Let’s watch that movie.’

You know… he’s right, gosh darn it.  We’ve worked our butts off today, and trying to see this movie.  Let’s do it!  Then, we noticed it was only 10 minutes until the final showing, so we rushed over to the cinema and watched 2 hours of adrenaline-filled, gut-wrenching, action-packed, blood-bursting man-thriller called ‘The Expendables’.  I’m sure you men have heard of this instant classic.  The script is terrible, acting okay, and action was awesome.

So, now that we were pumped up at 12:30am we mount up and drive an hour in the dark of night and high humidity to reach our humble shelter with two queen size beds.  Life couldn’t be more perfect.


Wisconsin Dells –