Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Wow.  Dear Illinois, why collect highway tolls every 5 minutes if the money doesn’t go toward the HIGHWAY?!?

You know that knew exercise machine that supposedly jiggles off your fat so you can have rippling abs like movie stars?  Well, if that machine really worked, then we’d be lookin’ pretty good after riding on these highways.



We wouldn’t mind paying the tolls if all our change didn’t bounce out of our pockets due to the divots, bumps, and swerves.  Then when we decide to get off these highways and take a back route, we are pleasantly surprised to have detours and construction all over the place.  This could be luck of the draw on our part, and you guys can tell me if this is a rare situation around here.

We did have a chance to hit up U.S. Route 20 (The Ulysses S. Grant Highway) and see more of how they live around here and the beauty of the State(s).  We enjoyed this route and it was quite refreshing.

This day had a few turn of events.  Initially, we were hitting up Chicago but this didn’t happen because something better came along and we couldn’t have been happier!  A few days before, my cousin Kyle’s girlfriend, Joey, invited us to stay with her and her mom in Valparaiso, Indiana… sure, why not, we’ll stop in I suppose!

After our frustration with the Illinois roads, we swing into Indiana and upon arriving we are spoiled with a full dinner including corn, potatoes, fruits, and a t-bone steak!  Wow!  We met Joey’s mom, Laurie, and it was hug at first sight. We also met Nate (Joey’s brother), and Grandpa Don (who shook hands like you would expect from a World War II veteran, a true hero)… all of them are fantastic and we were spoiled rotten.  (Pictures tomorrow)  Nate even made us famous in Valparaiso…

Tomorrow… Chicago with Joey!