How can you be on a road trip and be a true die-hard motorcyclist without experiencing the thrill and camaraderie at a motorcycle rally in its truest form.  The rally I’m speaking of is…

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally! What is it?!

Sturgis 2007 - Picture from

Only one of the largest Motorcycle enthusiast gathering in the world!

The small town of Sturgis, SD (population 6,442) explodes to a population of around 500,000 every year!

It had its start as a rally for a motorcycle club, ‘The Jackpine Gypsies’, in 1938 that was focused on racing and stunts, has now changed into a national phenomenon.  Riders cruise over to the little town of South Dakota from all over the nation to partake in its week long event!  And the Rally has been held every year since its inception (with exception of World War II).

This year, the official week is August 9-15 and we are planning on staying a day or two to get the full experience.  The week includes concerts, races, bike shows, Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame, Annual World Championship of Custom Bike Building and so much more!  Even Harley-Davidson and Victory introduce their new models each year during the Rally and you can demo virtually every kind of bike on the market!

Scrambled Brains with JackUpon arriving you may get the sensation that you have learned your lesson from not wearing a helmet and are now in motorcycle heaven… or nirvana (whichever belief you choose).  The noise, excitement, and the sound of roaring, purring engines will leave you speechless and the variety of people, bikers, food and events will scramble your brains and serve it cold with a bottle of Jack.

If you want more information about the Rally, you can visit their official site by clicking the image below!

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2010

According to Wikipedia, “This rally is known as a rowdy affair, unsuitable for small children. Public alcohol consumption/drunkenness and public nudity are occasional problems for the local police.”

But of course we won’t be partaking in any of that!  Stay tuned…