We had a rough day on Day 15, but for some reason, even during these tough times, every good thing that could have happened did.  We found ourselves very fortunate.  These are some of these things.

1. Upon breaking down, 4 bikers rolled into the gas station and we were able to ask them about the shops in the area and we didn’t have to drive all around the city to find one.

2.  The fact that we broke down in a city.  We planned on going through the Adirondack Mountains, and with the poor weather and in the middle of nowhere… this could have been really really bad.  Hence, breaking down early = good.

3.  We were still going to go to the mountains after the first breakdown assuming it would work fine.  But because of weather, we changed plans.

4.  We broke down the second time at a service center.  Everyone was so nice and helpful, and even though it didn’t work out in the end, everyone was willing to help someone in need.

5.  Our angel Donna.  Her GPS sent her into Canada and she had to turn around and was running an hour late.  She would have been at the Service Center an hour before, but we probably wouldn’t have been ready to ask her for help.  Poor Donna, she would have made it home 4 hours earlier, had dinner, and been comfortable… and never been aware she could have helped 2 unfortunate souls.

6.  We were on a toll highway and trailered the motorcycle on the way through the toll gates… and saved us a few bucks on the toll! haha

7.  When loading the trailer, a fireman was right there to help.

8.  There were no open rooms so they put us in a room with broken tiles in the bathroom and gave us a $4 discount.  Yes, a full 4 dollars.

9.  It stormed all night and all through the next day and we had somewhere to stay dry and not in our tent which is now full of holes from a previous situation.

10.  As you’ll read later, we were able to use our damaged tent as a work garage to protect us from the rain.