Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Fearing another heat strike like the day before, we were on the highway by 6am.  It was surprisingly cold but we had to remind ourselves to relish in it because it may not last long.  When the sun started to show its pretty little face, Greg tried to take a picture of the early morning fog, and this is what he captured while riding:

It even looks cold huh?

It even looks cold huh?

We were on the road for about 7 hours, and the heat we were expecting never came.  In fact, after we stopped at the Cracker Barrel (yum!), we took off our jackets, and minutes later we were getting sprinkled on and the clouds threatened much more… but we lucked out and the clouds started to dissipate upon our arrival in Nashville.

We set up camp, lazed around for a short while, then headed into the city and saw a beautiful sky on our way there.  In Nashville, we walked around Broadway St. and listened to all the live entertainment streaming through the open doorways.  It’s like window shopping for live (and very good) music entertainment.  In the city where so many people deserve albums but very few get them, we were thoroughly entertained.  We got some grub, walked the streets, and had fun watching people.

Riding into Nashville

Riding into Nashville

Walking the streets...

Walking the streets... (Greg in the picture)

We saw a homeless guy with the famous sign that said “Why lie. I just want a beer.”  The guy snickered awkwardly as we passed and after we walked by Jerry said “Wrong sign buddy.”  It’s a little difficult to help people who don’t want to help themselves.

Our ears wanted to stay longer, but our dragging eyes said it was time to go.  We rode to camp, played a few games of cribbage, read, and then went to bed.  I mention this so I can show the next picture… doesn’t Jerry look studious with his glasses on (and hearing aids out)?

Glasses and a beard.  This is a new look for him.

Glasses and a beard. This is a new look for him.

Tomorrow we plan to experience more of Nashville, until then!