Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun and easy day that consisted of hopping around seeing wonderful family and friends.  Started off the morning with breakfast with the welcoming Randazzo family, cleaned our bikes, and headed out.  Our first stop… a soccer game!

This is not Ross.  Some random kid.

This is not Ross. Some random kid.

We drove from San Jose to Danville in California traffic and hot temperatures (but nothing we haven’t felt before).  We were on our way to see Jerry’s niece, Susie, and her son who is playing in a competitive soccer league.  Greg hasn’t seen Susie more than once since he was her ring-bearer for her wedding when he was 5 years old, so it was fun for him to get to know her again (quite a bit has changed).

We had fun watching the game, and talking with Susie and Ross afterwards.  They are doing excellent and we were happy for this short visit and wished we had more time.

Jerry, Ross, and Susie

Jerry, Ross, and Susie

After the reunion, we headed out to Granite Bay (near Sacramento) to see some more family!  Upon our arrival, we were taken back to the pool area and put in comfy chairs, took off our boots, and were served as if we were VIPs… we are getting very accustomed to feeling important, it might be a shock when we get back home.

Our favorite people from Indiana were also there!  Joey and Lauri are repeat offenders on this trip, and made us feel special in Indiana, and now in California!  Joey cooked an amazing dinner (maybe Kyle helped?) and we all caught up on each others’ lives as we kicked back and enjoyed this resort-like atmosphere.

Joey and Lauri

Joey and Lauri

We felt at home and were beyond comfortable and had a great night’s sleep.  Thanks to John, Kyle, Ryan, Joey and Lauri for a great welcoming!

*Sorry, we have been failing on picture taking… we’ll be stealing some pictures from their cameras soon!