Sunday, September 12, 2010

This will be a short post because it was a nice and relaxing day!  We were going to leave and continue up the coast today but it was such a beautiful today, with great people, a pool and… well, as you can see, they really had to pull our leg.

It was opening day of the football season so there were games on allllll day.  Cousin Kyle made us a delicious American breakfast consisting of eggs, toast, and juicy bacon.  We lounged around, watched some football, laid in the sun, and swam in the pool!

Joey made some delicious chili-cheese dip for the guys and cut up some fruit to snack on… she spoiled/spoils us.

Later, Jerry and Kyle picked up some pizza… we ate really healthy today.  We watched some more football and it felt great to finally catch up on some R&R.  Two nights of good sleep will do the body good as we prepare for the final days back home!  … Sad right?  We are sad to have this trip come to an end, but so happy that it happened.  Plus, someone has a wife to get home to!

We’ll miss you all John, Kyle, Ryan, Joey, and Lauri!