Now that we are heading West, we realize that we will definitely miss the reaction we get from strangers and other bikers from Maine or others from the East coast.  It is very easy to start a conversation.  Upon seeing our license plates, it never fails to witness the eyes go wide and the lips form the shape of a donut and words such as ‘Whoa’ or ‘Wow’ are soon to follow.

“Not much farther you could be from home! … Unless you plan on swimmin’!”, one old guy said.

One time at a gas station, we were with a group of bikers, and one guy goes ‘You’re really from Washington?’.

“Yep, we’ve been traveling all night”, was Greg’s response.

The guys laugh, but in the background, a biker’s wife says “They left TODAY?!?”

It’s priceless moments like these that keep this trip entertaining.