Okay!  So, we thought it was time to give a final update to where the money went! It was a lot of fun using it and we’d like to share the results:

#1 – Stair Elevator Lift

Through family and friends we heard about a wonderful family who was in need of a ramp and an electronic lift for the house’s stairs.  The daughter, has Multiple Sclerosis and is no longer able to walk.

She is an amazing woman and has great friends who are now helping her build these new necessities, and are also helping raise funds to finance this project.  We were able to donate $290.22 for the parts for her new lift up her stairs.  We were also able to meet the mother, see the project, and help for a few hours with the wooden deck and ramp they are adding!  Here are some photos of the project:

A portable ramp to the backyard

A portable ramp to the backyard

Her entrance which goes through the backyard.

Her entrance which goes through the backyard.

We don’t have photos of the ramp because it wasn’t completed yet.

#2 – Friendly and Lost Stranger

On a 3 hour train ride we heard this teenager in need of a little bit of assistance.  He was living in California and on his way to a small city in Michigan and our train only took us to Kalamazoo.  We heard him desperately calling his friends/family at home as well as the family he was trying to get to.  It didn’t sound like a pretty situation and I’ll save you the details.  Upon arriving in Kalamazoo, his family couldn’t pick him up and he didn’t have enough money for a bus ticket the rest of the way, and we were able to get him the ticket as well as a few bucks for food.

#3 Donations

During breast cancer awareness month we donated $50 to a lovely lady with a big smile.

#4 and onward

It has been so much fun to have more freedom to do these kinds of things.  Every once in awhile, we’ve come across a person(s) in financial need who don’t look like they will spend it ‘unwisely’, and we’ve either handed out a $20, given them food, or taken them shopping in a nearby store.  Being more hands-on and see their faces light up has been a real gift, and we thank you for that!

This entire experience has been amazing and we hope to continue on with this habit long after this trip has ended!