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We are finished with this wonderful adventure BUT if you have a fascination with:

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  • US Landmarks and Random Adventures
  • Mishaps, Irony, and Fun

Then feel free to read about our adventure – A 40 day motorcycle adventure around the US!

We’ve added all the links on the side, and our favorite days or funniest moments are marked with an asterisk (*).  We hope you enjoy!

– Greg and Jerry

Donation Money Update

Okay!  So, we thought it was time to give a final update to where the money went! It was a lot of fun using it and we’d like to share the results:

#1 – Stair Elevator Lift

Through family and friends we heard about a wonderful family who was in need of a ramp and an electronic lift for the house’s stairs.  The daughter, has Multiple Sclerosis and is no longer able to walk.

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Trip Summary Data

I suppose I didn’t really give a full trip summary so here are some details:

  • 10,442 Miles
  • 28 States
  • 95 Gas Station Stops
  • 5 Motels
  • 8 Places at Friends or Family
  • 6 Repair Shops (3 for each bike)
  • Motorcycle Updates, Replaced, Broken, or Fixed:
    • Speedometer cable
    • Air horn
    • 4 spark plugs
    • 1 battery
    • 1 rear shifter
    • 2 fuses
    • one steel rack
    • 2 Oil Changes each
  • National Parks Visited:
    • Yellowstone National Park
    • Badlands National Park
    • Acadia National Park
    • Yosemite National Park
    • Great Smokey Mountains National Park
    • and many national forests!
  • Crossed the Continental Divide twice.  Once, through Yellowstone Park and then over the Rockies.
  • Ran out of Gas 3 times (but had a spare gallon… sometimes barely making it with that!)
  • 1 Popped Tire in the middle of a desert
  • 1 ruined tent (which turned into a garage when fixing a bike in the rain)
  • About 30 everything bagels eaten (each)
  • Too many to count energy drinks consumed
  • Visited at least a dozen Starbucks for their free Wi-Fi (and caffeine)
  • Stopped at at least 2 dozen stranded cars.  Tires changed: zero.
  • Weather Conditions we DIDN’T experience:  snow (we saw it, but it wasn’t on our heads)
  • Animals hit: zero.  Animals we almost hit: 2.
  • Helped at a museum, church, and a house.
  • And aided or fed numerous homeless people that didn’t look like alcoholics.
  • Saw 1 big alien, hundreds of scary clowns, and wasn’t abducted once.  I think.

This is a quick summary, but I thought I needed to have something like this instead to finally summarize the trip in a few words.  I’ll add more if I think of them 😉

Donation Money

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

We’ve learned a lot on this trip and being able to help people along the way has been a real treat.  It’s been truly inspiring and it’s a whole new mindset we hope sticks around.  And the greatest part of it all is that most opportunities don’t/didn’t cost a thing!

Hence, we still have a donation amount $680 left!  Cool huh?!  We are left with a few options:  1) help others directly by taking the time on the weekends to visit the homeless or those in need, 2) donate to a good cause(es)  3) other options solicited by you guys!

Where do you think this money can best make the biggest impact?  We can visit downtown areas and buy food, donate it to a non-profit, and keep an open ear how it can make a positive impact, but we’d also like to hear from YOU what should be done.

To respond, leave a comment on this post, or send me an email at  We’re excited to hear your ideas!

Blog Updates

We have been really busy the last two days and haven’t had much time to update the blog, but will hopefully update tonight or tomorrow!

The Columbian Newspaper

We forgot to mention…  About a week ago we had a small article about us in our local newspaper, the Columbian.  It’s just a little guy, but cool nonetheless!

Check it out if you’d like:

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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

How can you be on a road trip and be a true die-hard motorcyclist without experiencing the thrill and camaraderie at a motorcycle rally in its truest form.  The rally I’m speaking of is…

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally! What is it?!

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JaGTOURUSA Commences!

Alright!  It is about 7 hours until we hit the road!  We’ve packed our bags, prepared our bikes, and even shaved our heads.  We are good to go!  … if anything, we are over-prepared, but ready to shave some of the extra weight during the first week.

Jerry will be riding his 2009 Harley Davidson Fireman’s Edition and Greg will be riding his 2006 Suzuki Boulevard… here is a picture of the bikes from last week’s Mt. St. Helens ride:

Our Bikes

Our Bikes

This isn’t the greatest photo of our bikes but I’m assuming we’ll have plenty more to come!  And here is one more of Greg’s bike, just for kicks (and I like this photo):

Greg's Bike

Greg's Bike in Washington

The first few days of this trip are somewhat planned up until we visit Sturgis, South Dakota for the motorcycle rally (will explain in next post). But after that, we are going to wing it!  We can’t wait to throw the cell phones and watches out the window (well, if we had windows), and see where the roads take us.

Thanks for everyone’s words of encouragement and kindness and we hope to make this a memorable trip filled with adventure and plenty of good stories!

We hope to hear from you all along the way!

Original Site Has Moved to Make Room for Blog!

Now that the trip is starting tomorrow (August 7), we are transferring the to the blog! If you want to see the original site, the link will always be on the right side under ‘Links’… or you can just click here!

Mt. St. Helens – ‘Butt Warm-up’ Ride

There is nothing like warming up the butt muscles by riding 200+ miles to a beautiful natural landmark.  We met up with a friend’s biker ‘gang’ and headed up north.  We had to stop in Kelso, Washington to pick up the rest of the group and fill our tanks as well as our bellies at a buffet-style eatery called Izzy’s.

Meeting up with the gang

Meet-Up Point

After changing the tension in our suspension (from the extra weight added to the bike from the buffet), we set off.  15 bikes riding staggered up I-5 making our way to the countryside .  Cool.

The day started at a cool 70 degrees and we managed to wear our leathers until mid-ride as the temperature rose into the 80s.  The cool breeze wafting over us as we ride is fairly close to bliss as we pass through the shadows of the overarching trees.

Reaching our destination we decide to stop and take a group photo:

The Group

The Group

We spent about an hour socializing and getting a proper education about the explosion that made this mountain popular worldwide and mounted up.  Stopping only for gas on the way home, we hit the highway as our group slowly dwindles as riders take their leave.

Waving to the remaining view, we hit our exit and proceed to our next manly activity… visiting the newest addition to the Yung family…  Baby Carter!

Carter - 5 days old

Carter - 5 days old

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