Our Cause – Spreading the Feeling

You know that feel-good feeling you get when you see someone beam their pearly-whites during a joyful moment (perhaps a surprise), receiving something they really need, or someone just made them feel good about themselves? Perhaps when we stop thinking about ourselves for a little while and make a difference for someone else? You know the feeling I’m talking about right?

Ya, you do?

Well, so do we… and we like it!

It is our goal to spread this feeling across the nation in as many ways as we can. A lot of things in life are contagious… the negative side such as a pessimistic attitude, bad moods, and anger… but also the good side such as laughter, joy, and happiness (and of course yawning, but I didn’t know which category to put this in).

We are hoping to add to this ‘good list’ with Giving. Giving our time, money, efforts and motivations towards those in need to make a happier world. We are hoping this can be contagious. Money is probably the least of these, because it doesn’t take money to lend a hand, volunteer, or simply give a compliment or a smile.

We hope this trip can motivate others as well and we will be writing about our experiences along the way and we hope you will take this journey with us.

In terms of money, whether it is sponsoring a good cause, buying candy from a kid to support cancer, helping someone broken down, or taking some hungry people to lunch. The money will only be used for good reasons and in the support of our overall objective (and not the cost of our adventure). Anything left over will be for the big party at the end of the trip… No, just kidding. It will go towards charities or in a direction we think can make the biggest impact.

This trip is a Father and Son adventure, but we hope to make it more. If you would like to support us with advice, comments, or donations, we are more than thankful.

To Donate

To donate, please go to our original webpage and click on the DONATE button on the left side. Thanks!

A word about donations:

Unfortunately, if you want to donate, you will have to have a Paypal account. If you don’t have one, it is very easy to sign up real quick. If we want to allow for people not to have an account, it would cost several hundred dollars, and we thought the money would be better spent elsewhere. The money is directly put into a separate account specifically for this cause. Thanks!