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Father and son experiencing the nation, the communities, and the open roads on motorcycles!

During these difficult times, we are also trying to make a difference in the communities or lives we pass through.

By giving our time, donating, or providing something in need, we hope to make a positive difference during this memorable adventure!

We have a few months before we start this adventure, and are looking for help! If you want to join in our efforts, read how you can help and following our journey!

Jerry and Greg - Taking One Unforgettable Ride!

Jerry and Greg Yung

Two men, two bikes, one adventure... and one cause!

What better way is there to explore the beauty of our nation, meet new people, create new experiences, visit dispersed friends and family, and truly get to know your father/son on a deeper level? We found our solution... road trip!

Not just any road trip! It is our desire to help in as many communities and lives as possible. We want to be able to give where giving is needed, help where help is needed, and try to make a small change when opportunities arise! We are in our initial stages of planning how we can make this a reality, but it is going to happen! Read the Background Story and Our Cause to see how this money will be used... it will NOT go towards our trip. This is not a Trip Fund, this is a 'Make a Difference' fund... around the nation!

Again, not just any road trip. We will be touring across the nation on two wheels (each), finding the open two-lane highways and taking the roads less traveled. We also want to find communities within our nation less visited. We will be camping or perhaps staying under the roof (or on the lawns) of strangers, friends, or family. Anyone willing to lend a hand.

We would love to hear from you! If you have had an awesome experience traveling the United States, we would love to hear about it! We also want this website to inspire others to get out there, start traveling, and doing their part in helping those who need a helping hand!

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

Warning: traveling and new discoveries are addictive.

We have started a Blog to document and write about the progress and experiences of your trip and hopefully capture some of the ways we were able to help and use the donations along the way! If you are thinking about donating, please read the rest of the site for more info!

If you haven't noticed yet, JaG TOUR stands for 'Jerry and Greg - Taking One Unforgettable Ride'. To read more about our trip, check out the rest of the site and see if we are coming to an area near you!

This is our trip banner, perhaps a bit vulgar for the purpose of this trip, but we think it's funny, so get over it! ;) (Click to enlarge)

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